We are Wairm, a small group of designers and developers with a clear vision to create a zero waste, fairtrade hot water bottle and bedware brand which is made in Scotland.

Wairm is an old Scots word for warm which is exactly what we want to make people feel … cosy and wairm.

Here at Wairm we love our hot water bottles and consider them an essential item, particularly when the nights draw in and the days are dour and dark. They can also act as natural pain relief for back aches, stomach cramps and sore muscles.

In spring 2022 we created the Wairm brand, having being unable to find anywhere to recycle our PVC hot water bottles with mixed acrylic and natural wool covers. We wanted to create as natural a product as possible which could be biodegradable or fully recyclable at end-of-life.

We are also very passionate about the ‘Made in Scotland’ brand and believe in the traditional industries that the country was renowned for. Wairm is proud to utilise and promote the manufacturing of knitwear in one of its great heartlands, the Scottish Borders.

It has been a fantastic journey so far and we have met a lot of talented, dedicated people along the way.

We look forward to continuing that journey and creating more purposeful and sustainable products to help everybody stay, well, Wairm. 

Coorie in and enjoy our products.

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